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Cornton Primary School

  • ED/LO4
  • Instelling
  • 1958 -

Cornton Primary School was originally opened in 1958 for children from Primary 1 to Primary 4. The school was extended to Primary 7 in 1978. The school still operated to this date.

Dykehead Primary School

  • ED/PM1
  • Instelling
  • c. 1873 - 1968

Dykehead Primary School closed on 28th June 1968 following the retirement of Head Mistress Annie M. K. Campbell. Pupils were transferred to Port of Menteith School.

Port of Menteith Primary School

  • ED/PM2
  • Instelling
  • 1697 -

The Port of Menteith Kirk Session Minutes confirm that the first parochial schoolmaster in Port of Menteith was Mr Alexander Garioch in 1697. The school is still in operation today.

Stirling High School

  • ED/SG5
  • Instelling
  • 1856 -

In 1856 the High School of Stirling was situated on Spittal Street. This school stayed open until 1962, when the school moved from its place at the top of the town, to Torbrex. The school still operates to this day.

Holy Trinity Episcopal School

  • ED/SG6
  • Instelling
  • c. 1854 - 2005

The first Stirling Episcopal School was situated in Baker Street and held 90 pupils. In 1854, funds were raised to purchase a property in St Mary Wynd to house 120 pupils in a new episcopal school.

The introduction of the Education (Scotland) Act in 1872 offered the school the opportunity to join the state system under the management of a School Board. This offer was declined with concerns of church teaching practices being absent under the Act.

The Education (Scotland) Act 1918 offered the Holy Trinity Episocpal School better terms that the 1872 Act had done. The School was transferred to Stirling County Council who would meet all expenses. The Vestry could also guarantee that appointed teachers would be qualified to give the Episcopalian religious education.

In 1935, a decision was agreed between the Rector and the Director of Education that the Advanced Division of the Day School should be transferred to Riverside where better facilities would be available.

In 2005, the school was closed and pupils sent to Allan's, Raploch and Riverside schools. The school building was completely refurbished to provide accommodation for homeless people.

Bannockburn Junior Secondary School

  • ED/SN1
  • Instelling
  • 1956 - 1979

Bannockburn Junior Secondary School opened on 22nd November 1956. The new building cost £250,000. Bannockburn High School was brought into use on Wednesday 15th August 1979.

Cowie Primary School

  • ED/SN4
  • Instelling
  • 1886 -

Cowie Public School opened in August 1886. It was later extended in 1905 and 1911, and accommodated both primary and junior secondary departments. An evening Continuation School was also present from 1896 – 1908. The building underwent extensive refurbishment in November 2010 and finishing in August 2011. The school still operates to this date as a Primary School.

Riverside Primary School

  • ED/SG8
  • Instelling
  • 1925 -

Riverside Primary School was built in 1926 as a secondary school with a primary department. In 1972 the secondary pupils transferred to a new purpose built school in Causewayhead. With closure of the Territorial School and Craigs School, the primary department expanded and it is housed now within the two buildings on the campus in Forrest Road.

Bridge of Allan Burgh

  • BBA
  • Instelling
  • 1870 - 1975

Bridge of Allan, a town less that three miles from the centre of Stirling, was created a police burgh in 1870 under the General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Act 1862 (25 & 26 Vict., c. 101). Under the Act the administration of the burgh was to be carried out by police commissioners who were responsible for the cleansing, lighting, policing and public health of the burgh. Bridge of Allan was at that time a growing Victorian town, famed for its location and as a spa resort. Its population grew from 1803 in 1861 to 3055 in 1871. During the 20th century it continued to attract tourists and also became the location for the University of Stirling. Under the Town Councils (Scotland) Act 1900 (63 & 64 Vict., c. 49) the police commissioners were replaced by the Town Council in January 1901. Bridge of Allan Town Council was abolished in 1975 under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 (c. 65). Its powers were assumed by Central Regional Council and Stirling District Council. These in turn were replaced by Stirling Council in 1996 under the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 (c. 39).

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